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Insurance Product Information Document – IPID

Έγγραφο Πληροφοριών Προϊόντος – IPID



What is insured? 

Reasonable costs for claims for medically necessary treatments/ services that are benefits as summarised below.


Inpatient and daycare treatment


Medical costs, kidney dialysis, diagnostic tests and procedures, reconstructive surgery, and speech, language and occupational therapy – in full


Treatment for acute medical conditions that begin before the member is 8 days old, if the member was conceived by natural conception – up to a lifetime limit


Hospital accommodation for parents/legal guardians – in full


Outpatient post-hospitalisation treatment – in full for 90 days after discharge from inpatient/daycare treatment


Rehabilitation – in full for up to 30 days after discharge or transferral


Cancer Care – in full


Outpatient treatment


Surgical procedures – in full


Outpatient pre-operative tests up to 72 hours before inpatient/daycare treatment – up to 1,000 USD/ 625 GBP/ 800 EUR




As part of inpatient/daycare treatment – in full


Outpatient physiotherapy for 90 days after inpatient/ daycare admission – up to 750 USD/ 500 GBP/ 600 EUR


Mental health treatment – up to 30 days inpatient psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy – up to 5,000 USD/ 3,000 GBP/ 4,000 EUR


Durable medical equipment – up to 1,000 USD/ 625 GBP/ 800 EUR


Organ transplants – kidney, pancreas, liver, heart or lung transplants – in full


Medical evacuation


Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation within your area 

of cover – in full


Optional (with added premium): non-emergency medical 

evacuation and repatriation within your area of cover up to 

2,000 USD/ 1,250 GBP/ 1,600 EUR


Outpatient dental treatment – treatment for accidental damage to natural teeth following inpatient treatment related to the accident – in full


Ambulance to the nearest local hospital – in full


Mortal remains – transportation of your mortal remains if you die outside your home country or burial/ cremation at the place of your death – in full


Vaccinations – up to 150 USD/ 90 GBP/ 120 EUR


Emergency inpatient/daycare treatment outside area of cover – up to 5,000 USD/ 3,000 GBP/ 4,000 EUR

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