Cigna Global Silver – EU Local

Cigna Global Silver – EU Local

Insurance Product Information Document – IPID
Local nationals of Malta, Greece, Cyprus and Romania

Έγγραφο Πληροφοριών Προϊόντος – IPID

International Medical Insurance
Annual overall limit: of $1,000,000/ €800,000/£650,000 per beneficiary per
policy year

Out of Area Emergency Hospitalisation Cover (inpatient and daypatient treatment): $100,000/€75,000/£65,000
Nursing and hospital accommodation for a private room
Intensive Care
Surgeon’s and Anaesthetists fees
Specialists consultation fees
Transplant services
Pathology radiology and diagnostic tests
Advanced Medical Imaging (MRI, CT and PET scans): $10,000/€7,400/£6,650
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: $1,500/€1,100/£1,000
Home nursing: $2,500/€1,850/£1,650
Rehabilitation: $5,000/€3,700/£3,325
Palliative care: $35,000/€25,900/£23,275
Local ambulance and air ambulance
Emergency inpatient dental treatment
Mental and behavioural health care: $5,000/€3,700/£3,325
Cancer care
Cancer preventative surgery: 70% refund up to $10,000/€7,400/£6,650
Newborn Care: $25,000/€18,500/£16,500
Congenital conditions: $5,000/€3,700/£3,325

International Outpatient
Annual maximum of: $15,000/€12,000/£9,650 per beneficiary per
policy year

Consultations with medical practitioners and specialists:
Pathology, radiology and diagnostic tests: $2,500/€1,850/£1,650
Outpatient Rehabilitation: $5,000/€3,700/£3,325
Acupuncture & Chinese medicine: $2,500/€1,850/£1,650
Prescribed drugs and dressings: $1,500/€1,100/£1,000
Adult vaccinations: $250/€185/£165
Dental accidents: $1,000/€740/£665
Child and Adolescence Wellbeing Health

International Evacuation and Crisis Assistance Plus™

Medical evacuation
Medical repatriation
Repatriation of mortal remains
Travel costs for an accompanying person
Compassionate visits – travel costs: $1,200/€1,000/£800
Compassionate visits – living allowance costs: $155/€125/£100
Crisis Assistance Plus™ Programme

International Health and Wellbeing

Routine adult physical examinations: $225/€165/£150
Cancer screenings: $225/€165/£150

International Vision and Dental

Eye examination: $100/€75/£65
Spectacle frames and lenses: $155/€125/£100
Dental overall limit: $1,250/€930/£830
Refund percentages are up to the combined overall limit
Preventative dental treatment
Routine dental treatment: 80% refund per period of cover
Major restorative dental treatment: 70% refund per period of cover
Orthodontic dental treatment: 40% refund per period of cover.


Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες σχετικά με τα ιδιωτικά προγράμματα ασφάλισης της CIGNA Global, κάντε κλικ στον ακόλουθο υπερσύνδεσμο


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